happy trails….to me

i used to ride. pretty intensely. and it looked like this:

Main Attraction


my horse&#39s show name was &#34Main Attraction&#34 – his stable name & nickname…&#34Antonio.&#34 because my riding teacher&#39s husband deemed that he had a red-hot temper just like a latin man.

fast forward 20+ years later:

i was missing riding, and hadn&#39t done it in as many years. and my boyfriend recognized that; and bought me a trail ride as a birthday gift (very perceptive, he is)

and so off we went to another part of Dallas, driving through roads full of surreal megamansions that belonged to CEOs and superathletes…and then out of nowhere, came upon this dusty little ranch.

it was great, and after about a half a minute of anxiety not having been sitting on top of 1200 pounds of horseflesh for many years, it all dissolved; and i was happy as a clam.

or a cowgirl, this time.

p.s. the ranch owner assigned me what she called the more difficult &#34ADD&#34 horse, according to my higher level of experience – to which Marco replied wryly…&#34hmmm. perfect match.&#34

Chewie & Darth…duke it out in a western

chewie and darth

what an amazing western face-off  – Darth Vader & Chewbacca in the house – Chewbacca as cowboy and Darth Vader as indian. These belong to a cyclist named Cassidy, and they look
very badass as he flies by on his pink, blue & green bike.

Han Solo should have been so lucky to have these.

May The Force be with you.

Dec 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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