charmed…in every sense of the word

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so this is my very groovy co-worker, Lecia, who is a copywriter/project manager.
she has such ubiquitous charm…and yes, pun intended; because this particular day i walked past her cube, and she was wearing this charm necklace she made, (!) that jetted me right back into my childhood happy place with all of the miniature toy charms i used to have, hoard and treasure.

a happy place indeed.

not to mention how insanely cozy-quirky-quirky-cozy her cube is – replete with vintage lamps, owls, old luggage, a porch chair and a mailbox that i&#39ll have to feature in a future post. and these great vintage ads that harken back to earlier days of the retailer for whom we work (look closely, you&#39ll see). The last ad (Slack-o-Rama! who wouldn&#39t want a Slack-o-Rama?) she found when unwrapping some vintage dishes that her grandmother gave her, and she rescued & repurposed them for a clever dose of cube art.

Dec 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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the typewriter…type

sometimes i just write letters to people…to be bold.

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i happened upon a girl named Becca, sitting outside with her mint colored Hermes 3000 vintage typewriter…rhythmically pecking away to her heart&#39s content, outside at a Starbucks.

she collects vintage typewriters, and likes to just write letters and such; to harken back to more genuine, tangible times. ironically, she showed me a photo of a few of her vintage typewriter collection…on her iphone, whose screen was cracked to smithereens.

but never mind, she still had her modus operandi of communication.

she was charming, as was her &#34QWERTY keyboard.&#34

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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grand ol’ opry…

no, i&#39ve actually never been to the Grand Ol&#39 Opry. however, vicariously…

i once bought a cool vintage black patent leather purse (hmmmm….i forget which city?) and after having it a few years…discovered that deep, DEEP down in the tight plastic pocket that looked like it had never been used…were these 2 old tickets from the Grand Ol&#39 Opry from 1977!

the cutout &#34doll&#34 is one of my grandmothers (totally unrelated, but it sort of fit the vignette) and the business card with the scarab beetle on it is from one of the coolest, elite underground hive-of-hip club in NYC in the late 80&#39s called M.K.

the biz card has absolutely no writing on it; because you had to know where it was in the first place, and had to get past the velvet rope ordeal to be allowed entry. More to come on that later.

as for the purse…i&#39ve since ebayed it, but i kept the the tickets…the best secret find.

Grand Ol' Opry, theater tickets, vintage

Jan 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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