packing…for time travel

since happenstancing involves a lot of travel…and because i just returned from a short trip, i thought maybe i&#39d show you what my favorite packing essentials are. these can easily work for both men and women – i&#39m an equal opportunity packer.


packing and trip essentials


1. packing cubes. love them. they can separate things out so that if you have to pack, then unpack, then pack again quickly  – you only have a minimal mess and not have to re-do everything from scratch. i really like these from ebags; they come in many different colors and in sets. they squish, they mold, and you can use each for different things; one for shirts, one for pants, etc. Eagle Creek™ also makes some popular ones.

2. for all of your wayward and unruly technology components, get yourself a Cocoon from Grid-It. you&#39ll never have to dig for your swallowed up, tangled peripherals again!

3. my fav pillow for the plane, a Snoozetime. i like the shape; it&#39s filled with microbeads, it fits pretty well in a carry-on bag, (unlike the U-shaped ones) and if you can&#39t sleep on a plane, it doubles as an armrest. and if your pillow is absolutely sub-par wherever your final destination is – you can use it in the hotel to add some padding.

4. planes are so cold, so i always have something fashionable that serves as a blanket. this one happens to be a huge warm linen blend scarf from one of my go-to stores, Zara – but you can also search on ebay or Nordstrom for great lightweight pashmina or other scarf/blanket options. besides…airlines these days are so tight on money… that who wants to use a recycled, non-laundered blanket…that is, if you even get one?

5. ok, these are some necessities:

first, Evian mini facial spray (not as much on domestic flights, but they are a lifesaver on international flights – your exhausted, dried out face will thank you; and you&#39ll avoid that &#34i-feel-so-grimy-after-14-hours-in-the-air&#34 feeling.) you can get them on amazon, or at Ulta, Sephora, and sometimes just in Walgreens or CVS.

next, i never get on a plane without eyedrops. any eyedrops. Visine or Systane. you&#39ll feel better when you land when your eyes aren&#39t like scorched orbs in their sockets!

then…you won&#39t think you need this – but you do. even the guys: Origins Sensory Therapy™ Peace Of Mind™ On-The-Spot Relief. it&#39s a small little bottle that you use a tiny dab of fluid and put it under your nose..and voilá! your nose and sinuses will open up while flying, and the clean pepperminty/eucalyptus smell will make you oblivious to any bad plane smells… or unfortunate seat neighbor odors.

finally…yes, that is a mini MagLite flashlight. because you know what? if the plane goes down,
i sure as hell am not going to be the one in the dark 😉

6. the purple plastic capsule…i found in Michaels in the craft section. it pinch hits for everything and can be an eyeglasses holder; it fits a razor; it&#39s a mostly airtight container for beach trips when things don&#39t need to get wet; it fits & conceals several (*ahem) womanly things, or keeps your keys safe and dry. and… it even fits an iphone in it.

7. the ultimate clear 1 quart TSA bag for your liquids & toiletries. to me, it has just the right width, you can pack it chock full, and it is more substantial than a ziplock baggie. and, i just love the plane graphic. also, if you didn&#39t already know about this amazing travel size website – bookmark it:

8. a little homemade trick of mine: rubber grip shelf liner. yup, straight out of the kitchen aisle in Target. (or Walmart, or Lowe&#39s, etc). cut a piece that&#39s approx. 9″ high x 12″ wide… and that will fit your tray table on the plane. so those pesky wandering drinks, or your laptop, pens, your glasses and all the things on your tray table will stay put…and not slip & slide. then just roll it up and toss it in your bag when the flight&#39s over.

9. large micro mesh pouches from The Container Store. semi-see through and aerated, they are great for packing your underwear, socks & tights, scarves, or anything thin & that otherwise gets jammed and lost in the nether-region pockets of your suitcase. easy to access, easy to grab & go.

p.s. ALWAYS, always throw a clean pair of underwear in your carry-on bag. if your baggage goes missing, you can carry on your trip without missing a beat. my mom taught me that!

eye spy…

The House on 92nd Street

The House on 92nd Street

did you ever find yourself in transit – à la Lost in Translation – instead of where you’d rather be; being out & about looking at interesting things. you find yourself instead, on the treadmill or elliptical machine of your hotel.

i didn&#39t have my earphones with me (ok, ok…the truth is that i *did, but they broke; with part of the earpiece still stuck in my ear. so, they were completely farkakte. anyway (i digress) it made what i saw on the treadmill monitor all the more intruiging without sound…enough to make me Google it further.

turns out it was a very cool & significant spy movie – The House on 92nd Street – made with the cooperation of the FBI!

now i&#39ll definitely have to watch the whole thing…with sound.

p.s. i&#39m sure the guy on the machine behind me must have thought i had a screw loose…stopping in the middle of my work out and taking photos of the screen with my phone!?

happy lunar…lunacy

happy lunar new year!

meshing together chinese new year and the art of happenstancing – i took these shots on a work trip to Hong Kong; although i had my regular camera with me…i decided to do an experiment and bring some old russian film camera that i recently had bought at a Goodwill that looked like this: (i&#39ve since ebayed it)

vintage russian camera

my boss thought i was out of my mind. and teased me relentlessly: &#34that ridiculous old thing? why did you bring that!? it doesn&#39t even work!&#34

i&#39m thinking: oh ye, of little (or NO) visual faith.

but as you&#39ll see…not only did it most certainly work…but it churned out some of my fav images from that trip that were happy accidents. as in…the irony. the irony that the Hong Kong police officers who lined up for me, the &#34face of authority,&#34 as i called it, had no faces appear in the image.

in fact, they were faceless.

and the man passing by the meat market and the look of surprise on his face – which i never figured out. the accidental intriguing blur of the market of the title slide. that kind of thing. the red taxis lining up in the rain from the vantage point of my hotel room (which i was not in very much at all).

that&#39s exactly what i was looking for.

as for my boss: he just didn&#39t know how to &#39see.&#39 or refused to see.

more of these images to come ~ with more stories…

Feb 2013
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