a little humor for a day of poultry…

Benny Hill tattoo

when i came across this person & this image…i kind of sat on it for a bit, not sure when to use it for a post…and then i realized how apropos it is for the day before Thanksgiving – a time when we spend large concentrated amounts of time with our families and relatives that we&#39re glad to see…but it also can be maddening. maybe you&#39re visiting in-laws, or your divorced sets of parents, or people you&#39ve &#39adopted&#39 for the holiday. and so i realized how connected this image is in the grand scheme of things.

the main thing you have to do is MAINTAIN YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR.

this guy obviously carries around Benny Hill and his sense of humor emblazoned on the circumference of his calf for some very important reason. and he&#39s absolutely right.

i must admit that slapstick comedy is really my least favorite – but my dad loves Benny Hill, and dissolves into giggles when watching the Benny Hill reruns like a little boy (unlike the 75 year old man that he actually is) and so i figured that i would encourage everyone who is visiting in-laws, or future in-laws, or the complicated dynamics of your very own family tomorrow for Thanksgiving – to just embrace the whole glorious messiness of it all, and pretend that you&#39re in one of those quirky independent films and sitting in the audience laughing at your own plight, and just enjoy the hell out of it all.

happy happenstancing thanksgiving!



I found this vintage postcard long ago in some antique shop whose location and name escapes me…but it reminds me today of the great lengths we go to…especially in our now-digital society…to travel to get to one another, just for the same exact reason that the pilgrims & native americans did all those years ago. For comfort, for companionship, to break bread together, to just hang out and let each other know we&#34re there for each other if needed – a kind of break in the action from &#39survival mode.&#39

Once when I was living in NYC, in Brooklyn, I had a rare opportunity to get a tiny window of time off work for Thanksgiving, and I was vow and determined, after a few years of no time off to travel, to get home to my family. I love Thanksgiving. And I was possessed!!!

So the first thing I did was stop off at the italian bakery in my neighborhood and pick up some boxes of beautiful special cookies, and a pie all tied up – in 3 pretty boxes with twine. Then I stopped and bought a paper table turkey (the accordion fold kind!) and threw some clothes and stuff into a big black vintage hatbox that I was using as a suitcase, sped to Penn Station to buy an Amtrak ticket to Baltimore and hurtled myself…into a PACKED train.

So..what do you do when it&#39s &#39standing room only?&#39 From NYC to Baltimore?

Why…you all sit in the aisles, on the floor of course, and revel in the spirit of traveling to see your loved ones, and make the absolute best of it. I sat on my hatbox on the floor with my cookie boxes piled high on my lap, sat with the others, all strangers of course, sitting on the floor in the aisles, and we chit-chatted the trip away. Good conversation can virtually melt the &#34uncomfortable&#34 off of anything.

Any you know what? It was great.

And my family now has a funny memory of picking me up at the train station with a slightly smushed hatbox for luggage and that damn paper turkey, which sat proudly on the table.

Even if I can&#39t recreate that specific journey, Thanksgiving somehow always does.

And honestly, I think Samoset and Squanto have always been some of my personal heroes…for smoothing the waters and helping to bond our society as we know it.



Nov 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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