although this is a throwback from Halloween…i actually saw a woman named Danielle wearing these badass shoes at work, and she was in stylin&#39 gangsta costume.

but apart from the Halloween factor…how great are these SHOES. i mean…brass knuckles for heels!

they were off the chain, and she really pulled them off. i fully expected an armed car full of men in stylish zoot suits, Chicago mafioso style, waiting for her around the corner.

(ok, so maybe only in my imagination.)

check it out.

brass knuckles shoes

Nov 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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wings…of desire


came across this stylin&#39 guy, Travis, who had these amaze fly kicks (no pun intended…promise).
a vintage-ish (4-5 years old) Jeremy Scott collaboration with adidas.


made me think of a fav film of mine…a classic that you should definitely put in your Netflix queue: Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. (skip the 1998 remake with Meg Ryan and go right to the german one, the real deal!)

anyway, i gotta admire someone who makes a statement on their feet…and that he aspires to fly.

at least on terra firma.

Oct 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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global reach…

african dress in airport

traditional african dress, Atlanta airport

how beautiful is her national costume.

what you can&#39t see in the pic… (moving too fast!) was her adorable, impeccably dressed preppy little boy, with his stylish graphic teddy bear knapsack.

socks, stripes…and serendipity

while sitting at a hair salon, i happened to glance sideways and saw a cool Stüssy cap perched on the station; and so i carried my glance further to see who it belonged to. it belonged to a very chill and stylish guy, who looked like he walked out of an ad in Surfer magazine, and an arbiter of style, at that.

my eyes were riveted downward, to his footwear…how great is this. like a little vignette of righteous self expression…but not at eye level; at FLOOR level.

and, i might add, he was very gracious to let me snap a pic… so that i could show all of you.

stripes man

soak it in.

not hemming and hawing…

this is Julie.

she happens to be wearing an amazing pair of perfectly fitted vintage pants…and she is 6&#39 tall, wearing them so elegantly.

she was sauntering very gracefully along in said amazing pants – until i stopped her, of course.

look at the clever hem on the &#34cuff!&#34 it’s pinched, like sewing trickery that fools the eye.

like trompe l’ oeil, but on a pair of pants.

Julie in vintage pants



May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, stylized, vintage

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stylin.&#39 RAD. that&#39s all there is to say…

rad canine

Dec 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera


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