flowers vignette

the flowers? brought by my cool boyfriend…to cheer up my kid & i, after a tough week or two.

how great is that.

the happenstancing part?

the mural on my wall – taken while shopping at the flea market by Tower Records in Soho (NYC) when i lived there. i think all 3 things are now defunct – at the very least, i know the graffiti itself is gone; and so is Tower Records. years later, i decided it needed to be on my wall. it also has a nod to the handicapped off to the right; i&#39ll post a complete photo of it later.

the frame it&#39s in was a score from a Saks Fifth Avenue that was going out of business and selling its store fixtures.

the green vase was my dear artsy grandmother&#39s from the 60’s…(she is also no longer around, unfortunately) and the black pitcher &#39vase&#39 was found at an antique show…i cannot remember which city. i think it&#39s either danish, or japanese.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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baby got back…and front

fertility goddess

a vintage happenstancing episode…i came back to NYC to visit while living in Oz and happened upon Cybele, Goddess of Fertility in front of the Mimi Fritz Gallery in Soho. Last few times i&#39ve been to New York, i noticed that after having been there for years, she had disappeared into thin air! Apparently she went back to the artist Mihail Chemiakin&#39s place in upstate New York.

i&#39m sure we&#39ve all never seen the likes of such bountiful female prowess, all 16 breasts and 8 buttocks of her, lovingly reflected (not to mention duplicated! magnified, even!) in the glass behind her.

for some reason…this always reminds me of the story of Romulus and Remus and the Capitoline Wolf.

there goes my stream of consciousness… off the rails again.