a little spy told me…

russian-ukrainian spy book

russian-ukrainian spy book


did you ever think about a random object that you keep coming across in life, or something that you&#39ve bought – and ask yourself why you continue to carry it from place, to place, to place?

this little spy book is my instance of exactly that. i bought it in the late 80&#39s when i lived in New York; and honestly, i bought so many little random treasures in those days – that i&#39m not even sure i can actually pinpoint the memory of buying it. i have a feeling it was on a saturday; on one of my exploratory jaunts in the east village… that led to the lower east side – where there is a strong eastern european diaspora. the sticker inside the book says that it came from Surma, a little Ukrainian book shop. It may have – or it may have found its way to another vintage store of some sort – one of the many i often found myself in.

having carried it with me through the space/time continuum…from city to city to country to country…i always wondered why this book seemed so important to me. i mean…i certainly couldn&#39t read it!? was it just the design that i loved? (yes, most certainly.) was it some type of clue?

years later, i did a DNA test as a result of being adopted – ONLY to satisfy my intense curiosity about my &#34question-mark-nationalities&#34 (and for the record, no other reason.)

although i suspected the italian contingent to show up in the results (since that is what most people think i look like)…what also showed up in overwhelming amounts was RUSSIAN. Lithuanian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian.

oh, the irony.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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drawing a parallel…

naum gabo sculture


ahhhh….the Nasher Sculpture Center, the nirvana of modern sculpture. Even after going multiple times, I always discover something I hadn&#39t before. In this exact moment, Naum Gabo&#39s eerily beautiful constructivist torso and face loomed forward and sent me down an instant path of neuron connectivity. Being a russian born in Belarus, Gabo was a pioneer of kinetic art. And with original last birth name &#39Pevsner,&#39 (he changed it during the war on a stint through Norway & Denmark) i was also reminded of good friends of mine; also from Belarus, and also named Pevsner (except spelled with a &#39z&#39). But not sculptors.

He had command of many languages, that enabled him to navigate with mobility throughout his career; my kind of guy.

But really, this is where my stream of consciousness goes down the rabbit hole.

The face, the eyes, the hollow sci-fi enigmatic quality…made me think dreamily of one of my childhood TV heroes…


You know, Ultraman. Japanese alien-like crusader and fighter of all monsters in the universe. I mean, what kind of pre-tween girl dreams of an alien in tights with superpowers. This is where you cut to the scene of my parents…just shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. As in…it wasn&#39t our fault she turned out so left of center.

Pretty sexy, though, huh.


ultraman gia