when it rains…do a rain dance

rain in spain

ok – so i did something that i said i would not do since starting this blog…and that is…that i fell off the wagon a little.

i&#39m actually pretty disappointed; because it&#39s the one thing that i look forward to, and even though i&#39m still &#39happenstancing&#39 daily, i let the grinding gears of daily life and a bunch of things i needed to handle get in the way of my blogging. so… let&#39s not do that anymore!

thought this photo summed up exactly how i felt; a little puddle of rain in a deluge, that was a relief.

ok, so i&#39m not really in Spain. (but i wish that i was.)

in fact it actually rains very seldom where i live…therefore fortuitous that the skies opened up and let my creative juices downpour, as they normally would. and not get stuck in some billowing rain clouds that are hovering… and needing to let loose with their mammoth, cleansing droplets.

most of you may already know that negative ions produced by rain (and water in general) actually have positive effects (increasing seratonin) on humans.

ergo…negative can sometimes = positive.

my grandmother used to do a cool thing when i was little; whenever she heard the forecast predict rain…she sent me & my sister out to do a little &#39Native American&#39 rain dance (and by the way, we are not Native American.)

and we danced; and it did.

so 9 times out of 10…we thought we actually had the power to make it rain.

clever woman.

Jul 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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