lorner…with lorgnette

lorner with lorgnette

one of my favorite quirky boutiques in Adelaide, Miss Gladys Sym Choon, had a juried fashion shoot/gallery exhibit in conjunction with sponsor Vogue Australia. Photographers were allowed to check out 3 pieces for 24 hours from the Sym Choon collection, and submit the best photo select to be in the gallery show. Any model of your choosing; any styling.

I chose one of my best friends, Michelle Button, as the model, and we embarked on an imaginary fashion odyssey. The theme: a stranded, otherwordly woman on the way to the Sydney Opera House…stranded in the australian desert, while en route to see an epic operatic tragedy.

Asking around at work if anyone knew where I could possibly find some vintage opera glasses in a pinch, a very patrician woman I worked with at Country Road got a twinkle in her eye… left, and came back the next day with a vintage lorgnette from her jeweler, who apparently owed her a favor. (no, i didn't ask)

Sketching my idea on a napkin (of course!) for the model's outlandish, eccentric hair, I quickly called my fav hair stylist at my salon; Paisley Park Hair, and asked if she thought she could bring my vision to life.

When she saw my sketch, her face went pale. "Um, I'll try…but it's very, um, vertical!?" After frowning deeply for a few minutes, her face lit up and she rushed to the back of the salon, and reappeared triumphantly with…a fist full of florist stem wire. So for the next few hours we tortured Michelle with gravity-defying hair tricks – and piled her into the car to head to the location. We had to flatten the seats – and she had to lay down in the car so as not to smash the 'do.

The temperature that day… tipped the 105º F mark. I love how she looks so nonplussed.

A beautiful lorner.

And the red ring…is a vintage poison ring I bought from a puerto rican lady, once my neighbor in Brooklyn (name unknown) who was having an impromptu garage sale. I'll feature that at a later date.

No idea why i saved it for 25 years. It probably has a spell cast on it or something.

Stranger things have happened.

Nov 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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