vintage men’s pajama pants…

Joseph A Bank Clothiers

i once worked temporarily in a Joseph A. Bank Clothier store, in another city, for a few months while preparing to go to Australia for 6 months.

and let me tell you, i was not a happy camper.

so when i came across this very cool neon sign a few days ago…it sent me into retroactive panic; kind of threw me into a retail memory sweat, so to speak.

i&#39ve worked in a million retail places before…but this one was in a classification all its own. this store was filled with a lot of bitter, older, cranky men (hold on! don&#39t get excited – i&#39m certainly not saying all older men are cranky and bitter – i&#39m saying THESE particular men were cranky and bitter.) and, they certainly didn&#39t think very much of any of the 4 of us females who worked there.

which of course didn&#39t bode well.

but most importantly, the place was filled to the brim with very preppy clothes…that they kept forcing me to wear and/or buy. they all harped on me: morning, noon & night…that i should fit in with the &#34look.&#34 this was soooooo not my style, having just left living in NYC. i was a free thinker and a free dresser, damn it.

frustrated and at my wit&#39s end…i made one final staged maneuver to prove that i would absolutely NOT conform to wear pink and yellow polo shirts with little duckies on them and the collars popped… nor would i also wear demure little poufy tennis skirts with penny loafers – so i planned my final ACT OF DEFIANCE.

i came in to work one day with some awesome, stripey, strange colored silky vintage MEN&#39S PAJAMA pants from New York – belted…with a shirt and a cool blazer. and no doubt accessorized with some non-regulation jewelry which was not approved.

mustard, cream, maroon and black. stripes. i probably got them at Reminiscence, or Andy&#39s Chee-Pees.

they said… &#34you cannot wear those in here! WHAT are THOSE?&#34 i said &#34these are very important pants! – they are vintage Jean Paul Gaultier!&#34 (they were not – i made that part up..but hey, it sounded really imperious.) &#34and… I am wearing them. (period.)&#34

they sent me home to change. man, was i furious.

well, hell…at least i got to help outfit the entire Olympic Lacrosse team…the only good part of that job. that was a visual bonus!

on my way out of this obscure little strip mall…to my shock, i see and hear Frank Perdue on the payphone! (his chicken farm was several housrs away)/ yes. that would be Frank Perdue of the famous Perdue chicken empire with connections to the Mob…twangy voice and all.

i&#39d say that was a little high on the random scale of chance happenings in a parallel universe – wouldn&#39t you?