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russian-ukrainian spy book

russian-ukrainian spy book


did you ever think about a random object that you keep coming across in life, or something that you&#39ve bought – and ask yourself why you continue to carry it from place, to place, to place?

this little spy book is my instance of exactly that. i bought it in the late 80&#39s when i lived in New York; and honestly, i bought so many little random treasures in those days – that i&#39m not even sure i can actually pinpoint the memory of buying it. i have a feeling it was on a saturday; on one of my exploratory jaunts in the east village… that led to the lower east side – where there is a strong eastern european diaspora. the sticker inside the book says that it came from Surma, a little Ukrainian book shop. It may have – or it may have found its way to another vintage store of some sort – one of the many i often found myself in.

having carried it with me through the space/time continuum…from city to city to country to country…i always wondered why this book seemed so important to me. i mean…i certainly couldn&#39t read it!? was it just the design that i loved? (yes, most certainly.) was it some type of clue?

years later, i did a DNA test as a result of being adopted – ONLY to satisfy my intense curiosity about my &#34question-mark-nationalities&#34 (and for the record, no other reason.)

although i suspected the italian contingent to show up in the results (since that is what most people think i look like)…what also showed up in overwhelming amounts was RUSSIAN. Lithuanian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian.

oh, the irony.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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