light as…a feather

came across this girl – as a flash of feathery color whirled past me, and so i had to capture it.

The Girl with The Feather Tattoo.

said she had been working on it over the weekend (herself? not sure.) and so the reason why it was &#34shiny.&#34

if such a thing as a cheery, optimistic feather existed…this was most certainly it.

in an episode of stream of consciousness, it made me think of a game we used to play at slumber parties in probably like 6th grade, called &#34Light as a Feather&#34. one time, in a backyard tent – it even worked!

girl with the father tattoo

girl with the feather tattoo

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, stylized

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you never know when the Virgin Mary will appear…

in this case, she showed up on the socks of a man with a unicorn head, on Team Super Awesome. A crying Jesus also made a special guest appearance.

my boyfriend races in the mad sport known as Cyclocross; a Belgian specialty which combines road cycling with dismounting and running up insane hills, through mud & sand pits, and jumping and carrying your bike over barriers much like horses jump over in cross-country. All at an epic breakneck pace. Oh, and did i mention, full speed… for an entire hour.

the cyclocross world is rife with characters such as these, and many more. there are wigs. there are copious amounts of cowbells. there are sometimes tutus, and often vuvuzelas. there is heckling. once there was even a full blown mariachi band. it&#39s a mad, mad world – grueling & fun.

to watch, that is.

virgin mary socks

team super awesome

crying jesus

Nov 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, stylized

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the jersey shore…for sure


my family goes to the Jersey shore every year;
this particular year, i walked by 2 guys and a
girl who were tanning on the beach, and was
immediately struck by the brazen skeleton in flight…
proudly inked on his chest. the sun was so bright
and in my face…and he was a little taken aback at
my asking to take a photo – that ironically, i didn&#39t
actually even notice the piercings, until i got
back to our little sand-laden motel room.

Oct 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, places

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dip trip, flip fant-asia


chance encounter of asian tattoo at a coffee shop > package envy in the asian aisle at whole foods > fortuitous fortune cookie fortune

sometimes i find myself having a little mental ennui…and so i go on a little adventure in my head; and very often the journey takes on a theme, and plays out in real time succession.

Oct 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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