love your shoes, Courtney…Love


once i was working in a really nice retail store in Adelaide, Australia -and my coworker Patrick calls me frantically from the stock room on the 3rd floor, tells me his idol Courtney Love is in the store, and races down the elevator at breakneck pace.

i said &#34where? i don&#39t see her in here?&#34…until…WAIT. i HEAR her. the only other american accent in the store beside mine…and it was LOUD. and obnoxious. (i shuddered in expat embarrassment, for you see…they think we&#39re all like that. loud & OBNOXIOUS.) you could hear her all over the cavernous store.

i turn around, and see a woman who is tall and strapping – like an Olympic swimmer. like she could kick some serious ass. but in a cardigan, jeans and some really cute wedgy Mary Jane shoes. the broad shoulders! man, for some reason i always pictured her being more diminutive. she was with a beautiful Aussie guy (I assume showing her around – Hole was playing in town.)

i walk up to her and say &#34hey, your shoes are cute. (they were.) i&#39m american, too.&#34 and then she says an offhanded but very haughty thanks, and pays for her stuff, and goes on her way. oh, and did i mention she was haughty? bossy-haughty-bossy-haughty?

i have to say…i was really embarrassed to be an american that day…

on the flight home she caused trouble on the Qantas flight and harassed the crew. Aussies just do not put up with that kind of shit, celebrity or not. that day she was just ANOTHER LOUD &#39YANKEE.&#39

p.s. disclaimer: the shoes in the pic are not hers…they are mine.