flowers vignette

the flowers? brought by my cool boyfriend…to cheer up my kid & i, after a tough week or two.

how great is that.

the happenstancing part?

the mural on my wall – taken while shopping at the flea market by Tower Records in Soho (NYC) when i lived there. i think all 3 things are now defunct – at the very least, i know the graffiti itself is gone; and so is Tower Records. years later, i decided it needed to be on my wall. it also has a nod to the handicapped off to the right; i&#39ll post a complete photo of it later.

the frame it&#39s in was a score from a Saks Fifth Avenue that was going out of business and selling its store fixtures.

the green vase was my dear artsy grandmother&#39s from the 60’s…(she is also no longer around, unfortunately) and the black pitcher &#39vase&#39 was found at an antique show…i cannot remember which city. i think it&#39s either danish, or japanese.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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