the forties, flowers…and feet

flowered feet

came upon a girl named Courtney who had these amazing flowers tattoed on her feet; which were sitting pretty in some very retro 1940&#39s persimmon colored peep toe wedges. she told me that her boyfriend, Cole Dirt from Artistic Encounter, did them for her.

we&#39re both in the visual profession – and so i appreciated a great vignette like this.

this blog really isn&#39t only about shoes…although it seems that lately…my accidental &#34happenings-upon&#34 have been a lot of self expression happening with people&#39s feet.

hmmmm…a theme or a thread… of very expressive feet.

Jun 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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watermelon dropped on a yoga instructor

recently my oh-so-thoughtful boyfriend gave me a 5 pass yoga gift…to try it out. i had never done yoga before; i can&#39t even touch my toes, and everyone can use a little stress relief sometimes. so i went to 2 classes and survived; but it was hard! and i realized i had no earthly idea what all the terminology was, and what the names of the poses even meant.

so the opportunity popped up randomly elsewhere to do a 45 minute &#34Yoga 101,&#34 and i seized it.
i figured i might as well learn the vocabulary if i&#39m going to try & tackle this.

the instructor was a very lithe, limber (and kind of tall) asian woman – and as i was fangirling at her perfect body (and wishing very hard that it was mine)…she pulled up her foot with a strap and i was aghast. her feet were GNARLY. almost like the abused feet of women in the 1940&#39s from wearing very, very pinched and pointy heels -as if their toes were held prisoners and left with giant bunions. and the toes suddenly left the expedition and followed the needle in a different direction on the compass. i&#39ve seen it before on my grandmothers. (*note: i have also recently fractured my left foot from said ridiculous high heeled shoes.)

looming large on one of her feet was a bunion the size of…well, Paul Bunyan.

as she concluded the class, she gave words of encouragement and urged us not to get discouraged and &#34NOT come back&#34 because we &#34couldn&#39t do it yet.&#34 (very comforting)

and then she dropped the bomb, literally.

she chuckled and said that if it hadn&#39t been for dropping a huge watermelon on her foot that did so much damage that she could do NO other exercise…she would have never taken up yoga in the first place.


May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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