Muenster…the town, not the cheese

found myself recently in a sleepy little german town in Texas for an event; which led to time at a Germanfest, some sausage, some purple cabbage…and well, you get the idea.

Although most of it was cheerful, the clouds dropped in and out; it was overcast and then sunny, and some of my explorations around the town seemed simultaneously cheerful, then haunting.

The mill with its graphic treatment painted on its facade…the time-warpish feeling in general, the deer heads oversseing the butcher shop, the giant pickles, and the tombstone next to where i parked the car with just a D- indicating who it belonged to.

All a little David Lynch-esque.

Apr 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera


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cube farm casualty

when i walked by this, it caught my eye with all the eerie presence of a David Lynch film…
a reclining soul; languishing without a limb… surrounded by fashionistas

cube farm casualty

Nov 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

places, things

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