the mighty foam strength…

double breve latte

so – trapped inside from an unforeseen ice storm in the middle of Dallas, a little cabin fever set in and so i trekked out on foot into the Icepocalypse with my beloved sidekick and partner in crime (my 15 year old daughter) to Starbucks and indulged in the greatest, most scrumpdillyicious breve latte…

the foam was that strong and that fan-farking-tastic, that the straw stood up by itself.

(special thanks to barista Milan Baweja)

Dec 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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potato…with a halo

potato with a halo in a latte

i have a whole series of images about mysterious shapes that appear accidentally in my lattes.
i say &#39accidentally,&#39 because most of them happen in Starbucks, where in fact they are:

a) NOT allowed to do coffee art

b) their equipment has become homogenized (pardon the pun) to the point that it does not produce the right foamy conditions to be able to do so (according to my secret sources!)

with that being said…sometimes the milk defies the odds and a shape appears. this one, as named by barista and cool guy Milan, is titled:

&#34potato with a halo.&#34

it doesn&#39t take a lot to keep me entertained.

Jul 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

coffee klatch, things

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Dr. Doolittle…stopped off for a latte

  • parrot_latte
  • piglet_frappuccino
  • menagerie_lattes
parrot_latte1 piglet_frappuccino2 menagerie_lattes3


so the spring skies open up, and what better to do…than take your MENAGERIE out for coffee?

i picture that Dr. Dolittle is just offscreen, and his favorite companian Polynesia the parrot is entertaining the other patrons…while Gub-Gub the pig takes a siesta underneath the table.

if this wasn&#39t in this suburbs…i&#39d expect Dr. Doolittle to slide by on his giant snail, pick up his travelers and be on his way with a latte in his hand.

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, places, things

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animal cracker floating in coffee

was trying to not have milk or cream in my coffee for a short time…the experiment didn&#39t last.

but in the meantime, i happened upon some animal crackers; and couldn&#39t resist the irony of
doing this.

so, there&#39s a bovine floating in my all black coffee. can&#39t have the milk, so i&#39ll just have the cow, thanks.

yes, this is how i amuse myself. and… it keeps the cogs of creativity turning.

Feb 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

coffee klatch, things

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have a look at that sexy latte…

so i find myself in Waco, TX…for a cycling event for my boyfriend…and i must profess that after throwing a Christmas party the night before with about 45 people jammed merrily into my 2BR apartment, i was about 1% hungover after a 2 hr drive to Waco the next morning. And GASP! i had no coffee.
I arrived, a little green around the gills, kind of in a no man&#39s land of nothingness. in a parking lot of bicycle frenzy…when out of nowhere…like a mirage in the desert, and me crawling in the sand with a dry mouth (ok, i&#39m being a little melodramatic here) appears – a – white tent – with FULL ESPRESSO REGALIA. i choked back a little shriek of joy.
And as it turns out, it was not just throw-away &#34event coffee;&#34 it was beautiful, foamy, highly skilled and executed lattes. With a clever name to match – Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits…and a barista, Cody Fergusson, fresh off a win at the TNT ATX coffee rosetta/latte art throw down.

I died right there on the spot. I had 2; they were so creamy, delicious & beautiful. This is as close as it gets to me writing latte porn. And here they are.

Dichotomy Coffee Waco TX






Dec 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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beyond a shadow…of a hare

as i sat sipping a latte, i looked up and the afternoon light poured in, and planted a curious silhouette. a rabbit! a hare! but why?

mystery solved: holiday window decal of a lone stylized snow hare… adorning the window at Starbucks.

snow hare shadow

Nov 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera


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coffee klatch

foam flower in my latte
latte art by J. Ryan Buxbaum

stay tuned for regular episodes of & coffee klatch:
interviews and tête-à-têtes with some cool people –

some i already know, and some i&#39ve just met.

all have a unique point of view, and
some great off-the-beaten-path stories.

and, those of you who know me…know that it&#39s just another
good excuse for me to have coffee, with people…period.

i can&#39t promise it&#39s always going to be coffee and not a glass of wine,
or a drink that involves vodka – but hey, that would ruin the expression;
so for all intents & purposes, we&#39ll just call it &#34coffee.&#34

Oct 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

coffee klatch, people

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