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Tony Takitani film

since i write about things that visually draw me in…and i work in and love fashion…thought i&#39d post this screen grab i took on my phone from a japanese film i saw (i loooove foreign films.) the scene was so poignant… i had to freeze frame it immediately.

it&#39s about a woman who is obsessed with fashion and designer clothes…but with a distinct twist; and a melancholic, tragic one at that. he&#39s painfully pleading to her at this very moment that while he&#39s happy she&#39s &#39getting beautiful&#39…it is causing catastrophic consequences to their life.

very haunting film – and has a human universal slant on beauty; in all cultures, across the Great Continental Male & Female Divide…this one from more so the male perspective.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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