note to self: fake it…til’ you make it

bulletin board shoe

so this is how creatives&#39 minds work:

we&#39re all having a discussion…one person refers to the &#34fake it until you make it&#34 phenomenon in regards to getting over a broken relationship, another person feels the urge to write that on a Post It note in their own font (me, in this case) and then another person comments on the design of the other&#39s shoe…and remarks that since the heel happens to be made of cork – wouldn&#39t it be amazing to be able to design a cork platform shoe… where you can thumbtack your notes to your shoe…and i say &#34wait. that can be done.&#34

which of course leads to me taking off my shoe, and us doing a photo shoot at our desk, with several people art directing the photo shoot.

voilá! a bulletin board shoe.

p.s. it needs to be said that i had some nearly identical shoes back in 6th grade…which can only mean that 70&#39s are BACK. The Circle of Life.