What this blog is really about… is the art of happening upon things,
the power of observation, a certain connectedness…

and a certain kind of serendipity in discovering things – accidentally. And just maybe… they&#39re not accidental.

As in… the foam flamenco dancer that shows up in my latte; finding birds&#39 nests in the vowels of retail signage, randomly meeting Courtney Love in another country – and talking about her shoes; or finding objects that people have dropped and left behind, and the stories that precede them.

Or…after a night of revelry, leaving my vintage police badge wallet behind in a nightclub in NYC (oh, the horror!)
only to be found and returned by a Swede, who&#39s an executive at Absolut Vodka,
who I then become email friends with across the globe…

That kind of thing.

So it is here that I embark upon happenstancing, and hope you&#39ll follow along on the vicarious journey.