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recently traveled back to where i come from and grew up – and it&#39s strange…but once you&#39ve left somewhere for a long time, you tend to notice cultural things that you once regarded as the norm, but now are fascinated with.

mostly germanic with a heavy dose of both Mennonite, Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch…i sometimes wonder if environmentally that has contributed to my mostly peaceful, laid back nature. i say that in self retrospect, since i&#39m adopted – and i&#39m actually neither germanic nor Mennonite…but rather more from excitable ethnicities, and so it makes me wonder:
nurture vs. nature?

here are a few things that i re-fell in love with while there – green for miles, red barns a-plenty, the Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs that protect and bring good luck, including the Double Distelfink (hung on the side of every barn), amazing farm fresh vegetables from the amish farmer&#39s market (yummmmm, tomatoes, my love!). also, you may notice there are no photos of the amish from the front; they feel that cameras steal their soul, and it is taboo to take pictures of them.

and a little-known culinary wonder not eaten anywhere else in the country except wherever the Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish or Mennonites reside:

shoo fly pie!

oh, and the ubiquitous pickled eggs. (again….yummmm.)

and apple butter (usually eaten in tandem with cottage cheese. very delicious.)

Aug 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera


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