men are…fascinating creatures

RA Sushi

today was one of those days that was, well..a conversational goldmine.

earlier in the day my cube mate, of whom i am so fond, expounding on the wackiest analogies of the classic &#34tell&#34 of a gay man… who might just be still in the closet; with this little gem:

&#34the test: does he prefer…Madonna? or the Beastie Boys? Material Girl? or….Brass Monkey.&#34

i laughed until my sides were about to split like the Hoover Dam sprung a massive leak.

fast forward to a few hours later…a rare weekend moment when i couldn&#39t be with my beloved amour, and my teenager was gone @ her dad&#39s…so i head &#34solo&#34 to the nearby sushi bar where i live…sidle up to the bar on the only seat available…have a few glasses of wine & some crunchy calamari rolls – only to encounter some absolutely random yet top notch conversation. a guy sitting with his intern/coworker, sitting there surveying the &#34cougar action…&#34 as almost a hobby. or, the blood sport that is it around here. and, the people watching did not disappoint.

they were candid. and it was superb. oh, the observations! and before i knew it…i had joined in and was listening, commenting & reacting to their opinions, and i formed a few myself. we covered everything from fake vs. real breasts (and both of the men&#39s preferences, and the why&#39s of that) to…me formulating a theory that that were 2 breeds of cougars: those that are instinctive, and live in the wild; and the caged, intense ones that live in the veritable zoo… and have limited access to meat. and are very, very hungry.

wow, yeah, i just said that.

his opinion on why he thought his wife was great…and we chatted about my boyfriend and why we are so great together (who couldn&#39t be there but probably would have formed an immediate comradery based on the point of view) and lo and behold…this sushi-eating stranger & i discovered that we knew a woman in common! maybe people are really magnetic, which is a theory i have. maybe it&#39s not very random at all.

we talked about her (the woman we knew in common), and about a notorious OCD Chicago-mambo-italiano-wingtip-wearing-JAG-polishing-character that she dated once…and her twin, who is her diametrically opposed opposite. and we talked about introverts, and their ironic propensity to settle down more quickly than extroverts such as ourselves.

we covered it all. the intern guy was leaning in… and although he didn&#39t say a whole lot, his body language said plenty in contribution. quite extraordinary.

i cannot stress enough how much i love hearing men&#39s true feelings and dialogue about everything; men & women, women, the art of hunting, the art of people, dynamics, and more. i&#39d rather hear a man&#39s feelings – whether good, bad or ugly…than hearing nothing at all. true story.

and those…are the kind of conversations i live for.

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