happy happenstancing…especially today

Lizz at Starbucks

ok, let&#39s have a little fireside chit chat. (ok, there&#39s no fireplace, but can you at least pretend?)

in the spirit of happenstancing…today is the best day to illustrate the most extreme example of why i&#39m preternaturally wired for this stuff.

today is my birthday, and really, i came into this path of life through an episode of happenstancing. well, i mean, we all do; but i&#39m adopted (no, please don&#39t grill me on the details!) but let&#39s suffice to say that apparently i could have had 3 completely different lives, and as a result of happenstancing, i got an amazing set of parents & sister – and the life i was supposed to end up with – not the other 2 options. and…i was accidental.

the art of the accidental.

my parents weren&#39t the next in line to &#34get me.&#34 and so when circumstances changed on a dime…there i was, making a grand entrance with nothing but the clothes on my back. quick! everyone scramble to get stuff! – there&#39s a baby showing up on the scene!

some people hate their birthdays – but i don&#39t! wanna know why? because:

a) i&#39m glad that i got got to be born at all, and have a nice life. i could just not exist right now.
b) the age/number thing really is irrelevant; because it mostly depends how you feel in your head.
c) i feel like i&#39ve done some cool things so far; and hopefully more to come. much more, in fact.

kind of feel like a cat who&#39s had 9 lives already.

i&#39ve been an equestrian, ran off to NYC as a naive 21 year old, made a lot of art, collected interesting people, learned a lot of lessons the hard way, partied with celebrities, flew to Venezuela to visit a sailor i barely knew, had a lot of love come and go, met an australian in a bar on Park Avenue, married him and went off to live on the other side of the world, had a great daughter, unmarried the australian, moved to some interesting cities, brought my career out of the ashes, and finally found love again.

there&#39s more, but you get the idea.

so the moral of the story is…sit back, have a latte, or a cocktail or whatever, and think about what your #happenstancing is.

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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  1. Jason says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Didn’t get a chance to talk to you in the line today, but happy birthday! Happenstance it up today!!

  2. Jacky says:

    I love today’s observation!
    Thanks for sharing it and you!

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