the original happenstancers

the original happenstancers

Anna & Mickey Glatts: Lanzarote, the Canary Islands


The original happenstancers…my grandparents. Always up for an adventure, and always taught me to seize the moment to escape my tiny hometown environs whenever possible.

They started out their own life together that way – they eloped from Philadelphia when my grandmother was 21 and my grandfather only 19. Since it wasn&#39t the most acceptable scenario of the times, (cradle robber!) my grandmother fibbed to her own mother who was completely blind…and said they were going to a Broadway show in NYC for the day. Instead, they headed south over the border into Maryland – where the marriage certificate would not be printed in any nearby Philly newspapers. They found a minister in the phone book, who was just finishing his breakfast of buttered toast & coffee with his wife; he married them, and off they went on their way back home.

Upon returning, her family promptly scooped everyone up and took the entire household to Niagara Falls on a vacation for the next 2 weeks…totally unaware that my grandmother was now married, and leaving her new groom behind!

They were both also known to tool around Ireland, or whatever far-flung location took their fancy; and my grandmother once took off to see Machu Picchu while in her 60&#39s. She was also notoriously known to dance around after a few too many cocktails on trips, singing &#39La Cucharacha.&#39 She also named her first child after their favorite Bubble Dancer at their local burlesque club.

My grandmother was especially fond of encouraging me to spread my wings in matters of romance. She once bought me a plane ticket when I was 21 to fly to Venezuela to meet up with a sailor I&#39d met briefly on a tall ship in the Baltimore harbor.

But…that&#39s another story.


Oct 2012
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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  1. thkkr says:

    love it! 😀

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