these boots are made for…Turkey

turkish boots

passed by a turkish store and saw these cheerful looking boots hanging out outside. and thought in light of all the mess in Istanbul, Turkey, of late – maybe a hopeful thought might be in order.

now…i know the owner of this turkish store; i know his brother, who has this hotel, the Aristocrat; i know the brothers&#39 brother, i know the brothers&#39 cousin, the cousin&#39s cousin&#39s brother…you get the idea. i have had turkish tea at sundown on the sidewalk with them on a magic carpet (ok it wasn&#39t magic but more fun to pretend that it was). and i&#39ve watched their store for a few weeks as a favor, while they went to Turkey. they&#39re all characters; they have run through a lot of young female staff, so the story goes…and are always doing 1000 businesses on the side…but always greet me & treat me with respect, and trust me. the original brother is opening a new restaurant, and i&#39m sure it won&#39t disappoint.

weirdly, i get mistaken for being turkish quite often…and was once at a cycling party with m boyfriend&#39s cycling cronies where we all discovered that one of his scottish friend&#39s wife and i looked eerily alike…everyone kind of did a double take, including the the woman and me. her name is Tuna; Tuna the Turk. not to be confused with Trina Turk, the designer, who i don&#39t believe is turkish – but has some great women&#39s, men&#39s and home fashions.

none of this is as serious as the people of Turkey revolting and asserting their rights – and i&#39ve never been to Turkey (yet) but it seemed all fitting, and worthy of a mention.

i wish them all well in their plight; and i hope they achieve, metaphorically at least, Turkish Delight.

Jun 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, places, stylized

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happy trails….to me

i used to ride. pretty intensely. and it looked like this:

Main Attraction


my horse&#39s show name was &#34Main Attraction&#34 – his stable name & nickname…&#34Antonio.&#34 because my riding teacher&#39s husband deemed that he had a red-hot temper just like a latin man.

fast forward 20+ years later:

i was missing riding, and hadn&#39t done it in as many years. and my boyfriend recognized that; and bought me a trail ride as a birthday gift (very perceptive, he is)

and so off we went to another part of Dallas, driving through roads full of surreal megamansions that belonged to CEOs and superathletes…and then out of nowhere, came upon this dusty little ranch.

it was great, and after about a half a minute of anxiety not having been sitting on top of 1200 pounds of horseflesh for many years, it all dissolved; and i was happy as a clam.

or a cowgirl, this time.

p.s. the ranch owner assigned me what she called the more difficult &#34ADD&#34 horse, according to my higher level of experience – to which Marco replied wryly…&#34hmmm. perfect match.&#34

Dr. Doolittle…stopped off for a latte

  • parrot_latte
  • piglet_frappuccino
  • menagerie_lattes
parrot_latte1 piglet_frappuccino2 menagerie_lattes3


so the spring skies open up, and what better to do…than take your MENAGERIE out for coffee?

i picture that Dr. Dolittle is just offscreen, and his favorite companian Polynesia the parrot is entertaining the other patrons…while Gub-Gub the pig takes a siesta underneath the table.

if this wasn&#39t in this suburbs…i&#39d expect Dr. Doolittle to slide by on his giant snail, pick up his travelers and be on his way with a latte in his hand.

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, places, things

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love your shoes, Courtney…Love


once i was working in a really nice retail store in Adelaide, Australia -and my coworker Patrick calls me frantically from the stock room on the 3rd floor, tells me his idol Courtney Love is in the store, and races down the elevator at breakneck pace.

i said &#34where? i don&#39t see her in here?&#34…until…WAIT. i HEAR her. the only other american accent in the store beside mine…and it was LOUD. and obnoxious. (i shuddered in expat embarrassment, for you see…they think we&#39re all like that. loud & OBNOXIOUS.) you could hear her all over the cavernous store.

i turn around, and see a woman who is tall and strapping – like an Olympic swimmer. like she could kick some serious ass. but in a cardigan, jeans and some really cute wedgy Mary Jane shoes. the broad shoulders! man, for some reason i always pictured her being more diminutive. she was with a beautiful Aussie guy (I assume showing her around – Hole was playing in town.)

i walk up to her and say &#34hey, your shoes are cute. (they were.) i&#39m american, too.&#34 and then she says an offhanded but very haughty thanks, and pays for her stuff, and goes on her way. oh, and did i mention she was haughty? bossy-haughty-bossy-haughty?

i have to say…i was really embarrassed to be an american that day…

on the flight home she caused trouble on the Qantas flight and harassed the crew. Aussies just do not put up with that kind of shit, celebrity or not. that day she was just ANOTHER LOUD &#39YANKEE.&#39

p.s. disclaimer: the shoes in the pic are not hers…they are mine.

Muenster…the town, not the cheese

found myself recently in a sleepy little german town in Texas for an event; which led to time at a Germanfest, some sausage, some purple cabbage…and well, you get the idea.

Although most of it was cheerful, the clouds dropped in and out; it was overcast and then sunny, and some of my explorations around the town seemed simultaneously cheerful, then haunting.

The mill with its graphic treatment painted on its facade…the time-warpish feeling in general, the deer heads oversseing the butcher shop, the giant pickles, and the tombstone next to where i parked the car with just a D- indicating who it belonged to.

All a little David Lynch-esque.

Apr 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera


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java! wound up…that is tight.

Wound Up Café Dallas


you all know that i practically worship coffee. and that i might as well live out of a café.

and… that i&#39m a big admirer of the entrepreneurial spirit.

so when i turned a corner at an event recently and saw this…i could hardly contain my
effervescent fervor!

Jason Hapka, the owner of this little mobile java gem, gave me a sneak peak inside the cab of his
scooter-esque espresso cart and said it was made by the same people that make Vespas. Steering handles just like a scooter/motorcycle, and all. What a cool little traveling machine – that is tight.

go hit him up on Facebook, and if you&#39re in the Dallas area, book him for an event.

a well dressed pooch parade…

especially befitting for Easter.

this is a bit delayed, since Easter has recently come & gone!?

but…better late than never, i always say.

what better combo than people dressing up with their pets in their Easter finery!

and promenading in their glory.

Put on by the Turtle Creek Association to beautify the area, and with strong support from the LGBT community, it was festive for all.

highlights included the Vivienne Westwood-ish woman who dyed her dogs pink…the sisters of mercy handing out condoms and in beautiful full faces of make up, and fantastical handmade hats worthy of Stephen Jones, master milliner himself. There were tropical dogs, zombie dogs – and recreations of one of the most famous of TV dogs, Toto from the Wizard of Oz; complete with Glinda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the East… and even Dorothy herself.

Apr 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, places, stylized

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what a tangled web…we weave

radial atrium web

wooden pub table carving

webby latte

from the atrium of a building i&#39m in, on a rainy day…to a delicious macchiato that the barista took upon himself to randomly adorn with a delicate web of caramel…to a carved stellar web falling from its star, carved into a pub table…

a visual theme emerges. a veritable mind map.

the radial web we weave.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

places, things

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a little spy told me…

russian-ukrainian spy book

russian-ukrainian spy book


did you ever think about a random object that you keep coming across in life, or something that you&#39ve bought – and ask yourself why you continue to carry it from place, to place, to place?

this little spy book is my instance of exactly that. i bought it in the late 80&#39s when i lived in New York; and honestly, i bought so many little random treasures in those days – that i&#39m not even sure i can actually pinpoint the memory of buying it. i have a feeling it was on a saturday; on one of my exploratory jaunts in the east village… that led to the lower east side – where there is a strong eastern european diaspora. the sticker inside the book says that it came from Surma, a little Ukrainian book shop. It may have – or it may have found its way to another vintage store of some sort – one of the many i often found myself in.

having carried it with me through the space/time continuum…from city to city to country to country…i always wondered why this book seemed so important to me. i mean…i certainly couldn&#39t read it!? was it just the design that i loved? (yes, most certainly.) was it some type of clue?

years later, i did a DNA test as a result of being adopted – ONLY to satisfy my intense curiosity about my &#34question-mark-nationalities&#34 (and for the record, no other reason.)

although i suspected the italian contingent to show up in the results (since that is what most people think i look like)…what also showed up in overwhelming amounts was RUSSIAN. Lithuanian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian.

oh, the irony.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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eye spy…

The House on 92nd Street

The House on 92nd Street

did you ever find yourself in transit – à la Lost in Translation – instead of where you’d rather be; being out & about looking at interesting things. you find yourself instead, on the treadmill or elliptical machine of your hotel.

i didn&#39t have my earphones with me (ok, ok…the truth is that i *did, but they broke; with part of the earpiece still stuck in my ear. so, they were completely farkakte. anyway (i digress) it made what i saw on the treadmill monitor all the more intruiging without sound…enough to make me Google it further.

turns out it was a very cool & significant spy movie – The House on 92nd Street – made with the cooperation of the FBI!

now i&#39ll definitely have to watch the whole thing…with sound.

p.s. i&#39m sure the guy on the machine behind me must have thought i had a screw loose…stopping in the middle of my work out and taking photos of the screen with my phone!?