scissor kick…

scissor sister

recently have taken up yoga…and after years of trepidation, it is the best damn thing i could have done.

so i&#39m bending forward into a downward dog..and i see this woman in front of me with an intriguing scissors icon tattooed on her foot.

and yes, as it turns out…she is in the cosmetology industry.

Jul 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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the forties, flowers…and feet

flowered feet

came upon a girl named Courtney who had these amazing flowers tattoed on her feet; which were sitting pretty in some very retro 1940&#39s persimmon colored peep toe wedges. she told me that her boyfriend, Cole Dirt from Artistic Encounter, did them for her.

we&#39re both in the visual profession – and so i appreciated a great vignette like this.

this blog really isn&#39t only about shoes…although it seems that lately…my accidental &#34happenings-upon&#34 have been a lot of self expression happening with people&#39s feet.

hmmmm…a theme or a thread… of very expressive feet.

Jun 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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socks, stripes…and serendipity

while sitting at a hair salon, i happened to glance sideways and saw a cool Stüssy cap perched on the station; and so i carried my glance further to see who it belonged to. it belonged to a very chill and stylish guy, who looked like he walked out of an ad in Surfer magazine, and an arbiter of style, at that.

my eyes were riveted downward, to his footwear…how great is this. like a little vignette of righteous self expression…but not at eye level; at FLOOR level.

and, i might add, he was very gracious to let me snap a pic… so that i could show all of you.

stripes man

soak it in.

the Tao of…Tableness

  • table
  • inv=fomart
  • pharoah_infomart
  • wrench
  • meddlesome_window
  • ascension
  • latte_flower
  • plate
  • bottle
  • prisoner_art
  • tilt_shift_bullfight
  • posturing_mailboxes
table1 inv=fomart2 pharoah_infomart3 wrench4 meddlesome_window5 ascension6 latte_flower7 plate8 bottle9 prisoner_art10 tilt_shift_bullfight11 posturing_mailboxes12

i bought a cool little midcentury modern side table that matches all of my other &#39table family&#39 on ebay. the seller happened to also live in Dallas; so we agree to meet to exchange the table.

here&#39s how the Tao of Tableness went:

we meet near the Infomart parking lot, which i marvel over again up close; and find a curious feline pharoah gargoyle guarding the building…at which point the guy, (a total stranger) who works in IT, senses that we both like design-y things… and points me down the street to the galleries, and that i should check out Dragon St. a little further.

i do; and as i park, i spot and am entranced by a little rainbow anodized flat wrench that i find laying on the ground… which fits in perfectly with the notorious &#34dropped and found&#34 photo series that i&#39ve been doing for a few years; and it points in the direction of a very hip looking café that i decide right then and there…i must go try. (at this point, i&#39m famished)

it is Ascension Coffee & Wine Bar…right next to The Meddlesome Moth (the vine window). i almost passed out with joy after one bite of the bacon frittata with tomato jam, (ohhhhh, tomato jam, i love you!) and the gorgeous latte rosetta that swirls itself into my cup and nests seductively within the rim, as i fawn over it.

refreshed & inspired, i hit the galleries – and see some great photographs that include artful arrangements of old fashioned criminal mugshots, tilt-shift photographs of a bullfight, and even some anthropomorphic, posturing red mailboxes.

so, to recap:

>buy a vintage table on ebay> bond with stranger over art & design> find found object on the ground that points to amazing food> see amazing art> blog about it.

Jun 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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a little bit of warrior…

urban warrior

never hurt anyone.

i don&#39t know why, but i have this unnatural obsession with all things &#39gladiator.&#39

it&#39s really kind of my thing.

maybe it stems from my early NYC days when the city was tough; and it was extra comforting to feel like i was equipped with my own external toughness, that i had to build up over time; albeit with fashion.

so now i feel much better exploring the world…while wearing some form of urban armor.

sandals: Zara, Portugal

Jun 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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note to self: fake it…til’ you make it

bulletin board shoe

so this is how creatives&#39 minds work:

we&#39re all having a discussion…one person refers to the &#34fake it until you make it&#34 phenomenon in regards to getting over a broken relationship, another person feels the urge to write that on a Post It note in their own font (me, in this case) and then another person comments on the design of the other&#39s shoe…and remarks that since the heel happens to be made of cork – wouldn&#39t it be amazing to be able to design a cork platform shoe… where you can thumbtack your notes to your shoe…and i say &#34wait. that can be done.&#34

which of course leads to me taking off my shoe, and us doing a photo shoot at our desk, with several people art directing the photo shoot.

voilá! a bulletin board shoe.

p.s. it needs to be said that i had some nearly identical shoes back in 6th grade…which can only mean that 70&#39s are BACK. The Circle of Life.

these boots are made for…Turkey

turkish boots

passed by a turkish store and saw these cheerful looking boots hanging out outside. and thought in light of all the mess in Istanbul, Turkey, of late – maybe a hopeful thought might be in order.

now…i know the owner of this turkish store; i know his brother, who has this hotel, the Aristocrat; i know the brothers&#39 brother, i know the brothers&#39 cousin, the cousin&#39s cousin&#39s brother…you get the idea. i have had turkish tea at sundown on the sidewalk with them on a magic carpet (ok it wasn&#39t magic but more fun to pretend that it was). and i&#39ve watched their store for a few weeks as a favor, while they went to Turkey. they&#39re all characters; they have run through a lot of young female staff, so the story goes…and are always doing 1000 businesses on the side…but always greet me & treat me with respect, and trust me. the original brother is opening a new restaurant, and i&#39m sure it won&#39t disappoint.

weirdly, i get mistaken for being turkish quite often…and was once at a cycling party with m boyfriend&#39s cycling cronies where we all discovered that one of his scottish friend&#39s wife and i looked eerily alike…everyone kind of did a double take, including the the woman and me. her name is Tuna; Tuna the Turk. not to be confused with Trina Turk, the designer, who i don&#39t believe is turkish – but has some great women&#39s, men&#39s and home fashions.

none of this is as serious as the people of Turkey revolting and asserting their rights – and i&#39ve never been to Turkey (yet) but it seemed all fitting, and worthy of a mention.

i wish them all well in their plight; and i hope they achieve, metaphorically at least, Turkish Delight.

Jun 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, places, stylized

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not hemming and hawing…

this is Julie.

she happens to be wearing an amazing pair of perfectly fitted vintage pants…and she is 6&#39 tall, wearing them so elegantly.

she was sauntering very gracefully along in said amazing pants – until i stopped her, of course.

look at the clever hem on the &#34cuff!&#34 it’s pinched, like sewing trickery that fools the eye.

like trompe l’ oeil, but on a pair of pants.

Julie in vintage pants



May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, stylized, vintage

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the typewriter…type

sometimes i just write letters to people…to be bold.

  • intro_type
  • becca_typewriter1
  • type2
intro_type1 becca_typewriter12 type23

i happened upon a girl named Becca, sitting outside with her mint colored Hermes 3000 vintage typewriter…rhythmically pecking away to her heart&#39s content, outside at a Starbucks.

she collects vintage typewriters, and likes to just write letters and such; to harken back to more genuine, tangible times. ironically, she showed me a photo of a few of her vintage typewriter collection…on her iphone, whose screen was cracked to smithereens.

but never mind, she still had her modus operandi of communication.

she was charming, as was her &#34QWERTY keyboard.&#34

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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my hat’s off…to you

vintage sequin hat on mannequin


mannequin head> acquired during a summer job as a makeup artist at a very posh Saks Fifth Avenue in Baltimore (they were getting rid of them) sequin hat> was having new freelance design business meeting at Goodwill HQ in Dallas> saw the hat on the way to meeting that reminded me of my grandmother> had to buy it> still have the hat> after moving the mannequin heads (she had a twin) between 2 cities and two continents for years> sold them to Dolly Python

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

stylized, things

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