charmed…in every sense of the word

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so this is my very groovy co-worker, Lecia, who is a copywriter/project manager.
she has such ubiquitous charm…and yes, pun intended; because this particular day i walked past her cube, and she was wearing this charm necklace she made, (!) that jetted me right back into my childhood happy place with all of the miniature toy charms i used to have, hoard and treasure.

a happy place indeed.

not to mention how insanely cozy-quirky-quirky-cozy her cube is – replete with vintage lamps, owls, old luggage, a porch chair and a mailbox that i&#39ll have to feature in a future post. and these great vintage ads that harken back to earlier days of the retailer for whom we work (look closely, you&#39ll see). The last ad (Slack-o-Rama! who wouldn&#39t want a Slack-o-Rama?) she found when unwrapping some vintage dishes that her grandmother gave her, and she rescued & repurposed them for a clever dose of cube art.

Dec 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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rockabilly…the 1940’s

this is Nik, who I just ran across randomly at one of my boyfriend&#39s cyclocross races near Austin.

love her rockabilly 1940’s style mixed with the Rosie the Riveter headwrap, mixed with cowboy boots and the cool vintage dress.

and the beautifully executed tattoo.

and… the best part?


(i was a Brownie when i was little, and fond memories – so it jumped right out at me)

i think she said her mom found it when cleaning out some stuff and gave it back to her.

what a great expression of personal style.

rockabilly 1940's chic



Nov 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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wings…of desire


came across this stylin&#39 guy, Travis, who had these amaze fly kicks (no pun intended…promise).
a vintage-ish (4-5 years old) Jeremy Scott collaboration with adidas.


made me think of a fav film of mine…a classic that you should definitely put in your Netflix queue: Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. (skip the 1998 remake with Meg Ryan and go right to the german one, the real deal!)

anyway, i gotta admire someone who makes a statement on their feet…and that he aspires to fly.

at least on terra firma.

Oct 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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not hemming and hawing…

this is Julie.

she happens to be wearing an amazing pair of perfectly fitted vintage pants…and she is 6&#39 tall, wearing them so elegantly.

she was sauntering very gracefully along in said amazing pants – until i stopped her, of course.

look at the clever hem on the &#34cuff!&#34 it’s pinched, like sewing trickery that fools the eye.

like trompe l’ oeil, but on a pair of pants.

Julie in vintage pants



May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

people, stylized, vintage

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the typewriter…type

sometimes i just write letters to people…to be bold.

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i happened upon a girl named Becca, sitting outside with her mint colored Hermes 3000 vintage typewriter…rhythmically pecking away to her heart&#39s content, outside at a Starbucks.

she collects vintage typewriters, and likes to just write letters and such; to harken back to more genuine, tangible times. ironically, she showed me a photo of a few of her vintage typewriter collection…on her iphone, whose screen was cracked to smithereens.

but never mind, she still had her modus operandi of communication.

she was charming, as was her &#34QWERTY keyboard.&#34

May 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera
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a little spy told me…

russian-ukrainian spy book

russian-ukrainian spy book


did you ever think about a random object that you keep coming across in life, or something that you&#39ve bought – and ask yourself why you continue to carry it from place, to place, to place?

this little spy book is my instance of exactly that. i bought it in the late 80&#39s when i lived in New York; and honestly, i bought so many little random treasures in those days – that i&#39m not even sure i can actually pinpoint the memory of buying it. i have a feeling it was on a saturday; on one of my exploratory jaunts in the east village… that led to the lower east side – where there is a strong eastern european diaspora. the sticker inside the book says that it came from Surma, a little Ukrainian book shop. It may have – or it may have found its way to another vintage store of some sort – one of the many i often found myself in.

having carried it with me through the space/time continuum…from city to city to country to country…i always wondered why this book seemed so important to me. i mean…i certainly couldn&#39t read it!? was it just the design that i loved? (yes, most certainly.) was it some type of clue?

years later, i did a DNA test as a result of being adopted – ONLY to satisfy my intense curiosity about my &#34question-mark-nationalities&#34 (and for the record, no other reason.)

although i suspected the italian contingent to show up in the results (since that is what most people think i look like)…what also showed up in overwhelming amounts was RUSSIAN. Lithuanian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian.

oh, the irony.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

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flowers vignette

the flowers? brought by my cool boyfriend…to cheer up my kid & i, after a tough week or two.

how great is that.

the happenstancing part?

the mural on my wall – taken while shopping at the flea market by Tower Records in Soho (NYC) when i lived there. i think all 3 things are now defunct – at the very least, i know the graffiti itself is gone; and so is Tower Records. years later, i decided it needed to be on my wall. it also has a nod to the handicapped off to the right; i&#39ll post a complete photo of it later.

the frame it&#39s in was a score from a Saks Fifth Avenue that was going out of business and selling its store fixtures.

the green vase was my dear artsy grandmother&#39s from the 60’s…(she is also no longer around, unfortunately) and the black pitcher &#39vase&#39 was found at an antique show…i cannot remember which city. i think it&#39s either danish, or japanese.

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

stylized, things, vintage

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there’s a little…

sheet music

found this old sheet music cover in my travels, in a cool vintage store. great illustration.

and oh so true, isn&#39t it?

i mean…every stylish bad girl should have a peacock on a leash!

Mar 2013
AUTHOR Lizz DeLera

stylized, things, vintage

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baby got back…and front

fertility goddess

a vintage happenstancing episode…i came back to NYC to visit while living in Oz and happened upon Cybele, Goddess of Fertility in front of the Mimi Fritz Gallery in Soho. Last few times i&#39ve been to New York, i noticed that after having been there for years, she had disappeared into thin air! Apparently she went back to the artist Mihail Chemiakin&#39s place in upstate New York.

i&#39m sure we&#39ve all never seen the likes of such bountiful female prowess, all 16 breasts and 8 buttocks of her, lovingly reflected (not to mention duplicated! magnified, even!) in the glass behind her.

for some reason…this always reminds me of the story of Romulus and Remus and the Capitoline Wolf.

there goes my stream of consciousness… off the rails again.

vintage men’s pajama pants…

Joseph A Bank Clothiers

i once worked temporarily in a Joseph A. Bank Clothier store, in another city, for a few months while preparing to go to Australia for 6 months.

and let me tell you, i was not a happy camper.

so when i came across this very cool neon sign a few days ago…it sent me into retroactive panic; kind of threw me into a retail memory sweat, so to speak.

i&#39ve worked in a million retail places before…but this one was in a classification all its own. this store was filled with a lot of bitter, older, cranky men (hold on! don&#39t get excited – i&#39m certainly not saying all older men are cranky and bitter – i&#39m saying THESE particular men were cranky and bitter.) and, they certainly didn&#39t think very much of any of the 4 of us females who worked there.

which of course didn&#39t bode well.

but most importantly, the place was filled to the brim with very preppy clothes…that they kept forcing me to wear and/or buy. they all harped on me: morning, noon & night…that i should fit in with the &#34look.&#34 this was soooooo not my style, having just left living in NYC. i was a free thinker and a free dresser, damn it.

frustrated and at my wit&#39s end…i made one final staged maneuver to prove that i would absolutely NOT conform to wear pink and yellow polo shirts with little duckies on them and the collars popped… nor would i also wear demure little poufy tennis skirts with penny loafers – so i planned my final ACT OF DEFIANCE.

i came in to work one day with some awesome, stripey, strange colored silky vintage MEN&#39S PAJAMA pants from New York – belted…with a shirt and a cool blazer. and no doubt accessorized with some non-regulation jewelry which was not approved.

mustard, cream, maroon and black. stripes. i probably got them at Reminiscence, or Andy&#39s Chee-Pees.

they said… &#34you cannot wear those in here! WHAT are THOSE?&#34 i said &#34these are very important pants! – they are vintage Jean Paul Gaultier!&#34 (they were not – i made that part up..but hey, it sounded really imperious.) &#34and… I am wearing them. (period.)&#34

they sent me home to change. man, was i furious.

well, hell…at least i got to help outfit the entire Olympic Lacrosse team…the only good part of that job. that was a visual bonus!

on my way out of this obscure little strip mall…to my shock, i see and hear Frank Perdue on the payphone! (his chicken farm was several housrs away)/ yes. that would be Frank Perdue of the famous Perdue chicken empire with connections to the Mob…twangy voice and all.

i&#39d say that was a little high on the random scale of chance happenings in a parallel universe – wouldn&#39t you?